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Philippines Collegiate  

Vocational Fund

Help Us Make a Difference in the World!


Our philosophy is based on the idea that education provides the best opportunity to improve personal and family economic situations.


The purpose of our non-profit organization is to provide scholarships for young students in the Philippines who come from underprivileged communities. ​​

Currently, we are focused on the community of Bagac, Bataan.


The Bataan province is the infamous site of the World War II Bataan Death March. That event is a symbol of the solidarity between the Philippines and America in which Filipino and American patriots suffered together.


The town of Bagac is geographically located at the end of a peninsula, which makes it a virtual economic dead-end.  As a result, employment and business development opportunities are very low.

Our goal is to expand our efforts beyond Bagac to help students in other underprivileged areas of the Philippines.

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Support Us

How You Can Help


Because we are a small non-profit, all donations go directly to the students in the Philippines. Your donations can go a long way! A donation of $120 can fund one month of living expenses for a student. A donation of $400 can pay for a student's tuition for one semester at a top university.


Checks can be mailed to the Philippines Collegiate and Vocational Fund at


                 1927 W. Yarrow Drive,

                    Mapleton, UT 84664


Credit card donations are also accepted below. 


Currently, we are focusing on serving the community of Bagac, Bataan, but there are other communities that need help. Do you have connections to the Philippines? Are you interested in helping us expand our non-profit? Contact us! We'd love to collaborate with you or your organization to help more students.


Hosting a fundraiser is a great way to help fund a lot of futures. For example, you could hold a physical event, an online drive, or a silent auction to raise money for students in the Philippines. Let us help you plan and execute your own fundraising idea! 

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